Chain welding machine XSH-75 Type


The automatic chain welding machine adopts advanced German technology and adopts the resistance twice electrification method to weld low-carbon alloy steel lifting chains. There are nineteen processes for chain link transportation, rotation, welding, upsetting, deburring, etc. Controlled by an encoder and a PC machine, manual, jog, semi-automatic, and fully automatic operations can be carried out. Stable and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and safe fault protection. Its main performance has reached the level of similar foreign products. This product is mainly used for welding lifting circular chains, and can also be used for welding various circular chains such as anti-skid chains, tying chains, and mining chains. The effect is significant, reaching levels 80 to 100.

Product parameters:

Article No.XSH-75 TypeXSH-125 Type XSH-200 Type XSH-300B Type

 XSH-450 Type

(enhancement mode)

 XSH-600B Type
Wire diameterφ4-φ6mmφ6-φ10mmφ11-φ14mm φ13-φ18mm φ16-φ22mmφ18-φ25mm
Pitch of link chain11-30mm18-50mm 35-65mm 39-108mm48-120mm54-150mm
Output, chain links40-50(pcs/min)30-50(pcs/min) 23-38(pcs/min)15-25(pcs/min) 9-21(pcs/min)6-19(pcs/min)
TransformerNew type of epoxy resin casting sealing water cooling temperature controlNew AC inverter frequency conversion welding machine

Rated load 

succession rate

20%20% 50% 50% 50% 50%
Transformer Power75KVA125KVA200KVA300KVA450KVA 600KVA
Rated power3KW4KW 5.5KW7.5KW 11KW15KW
SpeedSpeed regulation (with brake)Stepless speed regulation (with brakes)
ControllerPLC (Siemens, Mitsubishi)
Rotary encoder360P/R

Secondary no-load 


4-10 adjustable (V)7.6V、9.5V、11.2V、13.1Vadjustable 4-12.5(V)adjustable8.5V、10.5V、12.5V、14.5Vadjustable
Cooling water
Consumption20(liters/minute)20((liters/minute) 30(liters/minute) 45(liters/minute) 45(liters/minute)60(liters/minute)
TemperatureT≤30(℃)T≤30(℃)T≤30(℃)T≤30(℃) 15≤T≤25(℃)T≤30(℃)
Air supply pressure≥0.65(Mpa)
Working pressure0.45≤P≤0.65(Mpa)
Air consumption5( liters/working cycle)8( liters/working cycle) 10( liters/working cycle)25( liters/working cycle) 30( liters/working cycle)45( liters/working cycle)
Power supply80(KW)130(KW) 210(KW)320(KW) 500(KW)630(KW)
2100mm×1100mm×1800mm2300mm×1200mm×2000mm 2400mm×1300mm×2600mm




Weight2.5T3T 4.5T 9.5T10T13T

Note: The above data is for reference only and is subject to the actual product.

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