Chain straightening machine


AYW-200 type、AYW-300 type、AYW-500 type、AYW-800 type

Compared with the calibration machines currently used by chain manufacturers, the "chain calibration machine" has obvious advantages:
1、It has innovative functions: it is not only an intelligent chain correction machine, but also a high-performance chain strength testing machine, and also an automatic steel character marking printer for the chain, making it a "transformer" of three machines in one; As long as the fixture is replaced and the control program is selected, the three major usage functions can be completed separately, achieving one machine with multiple functions.
2、he correction margin is not limited, providing a practical technical platform for the innovative process of chain correction for large correction quantities.
3、The calibration load is not limited, and this series of machine tools are suitable for the calibration requirements of different specifications of chain products with various wire diameters. It is an ideal equipment for calibrating large size chains (large calibration force).
4、This series of machine tools can undergo aging treatment (staying at full load at any position) during the calibration process, making it a better choice for hard calibration of chains (quenched state chains), ensuring sufficient plastic deformation of the calibration chains, stable calibration quality, and improving the quality level of the chains.
5、Calibration and testing can be fully monitored and controlled, with real-time screen display of working curves, automatic data saving or output of work reports.
6、The deformation and correction force of the correction process are implemented through a dual approach, with full measurement and control. If the correction force exceeds the normal fluctuation range, the machine will be shut down and an alarm will be given.
7、The lifting mechanism adopts a simple double rod oil cylinder structure, simplifying the mechanism, reducing potential faults, and ensuring the stability of the loading and unloading chain.
8、Using computer program control, when changing product specifications, parameter adjustments can be operated on the display screen, which is simple and convenient.

9、When used as a vertical printer, the steel seal spacing distance of the chain can be adjusted through program data and set according to requirements.

10、When used as a testing machine, its performance is superior to that of ordinary testing machines, and it can display or output a "load deformation" test curve or a "time load" curve. It is particularly suitable for conducting chain load aging tests, used to determine process parameters or other detection requirements for process tests, check the process effects of different parameters in the previous process, and is a major tool for chain process innovation.

Product parameters:

Article No.



Chain soft and hard state correctionStrength pattern

Independently stamped

 with steel seal







Hard correction force(KN)Stamping

Number of


AYW-200 TypeΦ≤12.5≈400-450Unrestricted≤119
Based on process selectionGenerally select 5 rings220Special orders
AYW-300 TypeΦ134291285350
AYW-500 TypeΦ16L=400-500
AYW-800 TypeΦ20~Φ40L=400-850≤1000------

Note: The above data is for reference only, and the data is subject to the actual product.

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