K4 chain correction machine


This machine adopts a combination of mechanical and pneumatic working principles, with high production efficiency, compact overall structure, stable operation, and low noise. Adapt to chain specifications φ 6-10mm, this machine is equipped with an automatic zipper (with zipper protection), mechanically calibrated in size, equipped with a steel seal, and can automatically stop and alarm in case of material clamping failure. This machine is easy to operate, with low skill requirements for workers, saving labor intensity, and meeting the requirements of multi station integrated production. It is an ideal auxiliary production equipment for chain manufacturers with high precision requirements for circular link chains, lifting chains, and chain pitch.

Product parameters:

Article No.K4Type
Chain specification (mm)φ6-10
Maximum fixture spacing (mm) 200
Stretch amount (mm)16
Effective tensile force Fmax (KN)150.0
Zipper stroke Lmax (mm)280
Zipper protectionsensor
Stretching amount0-16mm(adjustable)
Chain clamp protectionsensor
cpm 35
Rated power (KW)7.5
Total weight (ton) ≌1.68
Boundary dimension Max (mm)2400×1160×1350

Note: The above data is for reference only, and the data is subject to the actual product.

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